Huskies Are Escape Artists

Huskies are well known for escaping form just about anywhere. Preparing your property is vital for any new Husky owner.

  • Fences should be at least 2 meters high, buried into the ground at least 30 cm and have either a rolling top or the top section should be loose so that as the Husky climbs the fence will fond over in towards the property making it impossible to climb.
  • In busy built up areas, double gates are essential. Huskies are very quick and will go from, bored and not interested, to sneaked through the gate between your legs faster that you can close it.
  • Automatic gates are a high risk. Rather get out your car and hold the dog before opening the gate wide. They WILL take the opportunity to go ‘walkabout’.
  • Huskies have been known to chew through standard fence wire. Double wiring the lower half meter is a wise decision.
  • Regularly check your perimeter fencing for escape tunnels or holes busy being made.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise – a well exercised and stimulated Husky will not want to escape.