Living With A Wolfdog

The evil of backyard breeders and the complicated wolf dog….

Attached is a story Rob wrote many years (for me – tears) ago, and he has added a paragraph at the end.

READ the story. It will give you a glimpse into how she ‘upset’ our lives. Rob did not say all the nasty things I am about to tell you. He wrote a story to help him get over the horror in his heart at what adopting Kayla did to our home and hearts.

I will now be brutally honest and tell you things I never spoke to anyone about. Even in my darkest hours I held onto the belief we might find her and help her become a normal-ish dog. I did not burden others with my dark thoughts! Because they were horrid!!!

The (Indian) man (who Rob said would phone me) told me that he was going to teach his 7yr old son to “HUNT” wild animals as they had one on their property! He did not care (these were his exact words) if there was a DEAD shot or MAIMED shot. His kid just had to learn to shoot something, and the wild BEAR/WOLF/FOX would be a great trophy! It would get mounted in the home and all their friends would be PROUD of the 1st KILL the kid got. It would be LARGE, EXOTIC and something to be PROUD of having killed! A really REAL trophy!!!


I never discussed this with anyone as I was scared that Rob might go up the hill and DECK the guy! I tried to make him (the Indian) sympathetic and buy us time to get her! Rob half killing him would not have helped what I saw as “the bigger cause”.

Mom and I “sweet-talked” the 2 main males on the property and bought her a few days without her getting shot and mounted on a wall.

Jump to many days later, we had her (no … V&S had her). NOW THERE WAS NO CHANCE SHE WOULD BE SHOT OR MAIMED….

I finally got her here with us, and then…. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED…. I got a call, to tell me that I owed them (the Indian) R5800 for the loss of fowl and his kid not making his manhood!!!
OR … they take me to court for the cost of the fowl MY dog killed!

I paid him this amount immediately!

THIS DOG ‘CONFUSED’ CROSS has now cost me a VERY GOOD few grand, and all I wanted to do is “save a wolf/cross”. I never expected to be manipulated or out of pocket! I thought the R1000 to ‘C’ was bad enough, now I must pay MANY more rands just to get her safe, without a court case (that we would lose and the dog would get PTS)

Now … MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED…. SHE IS PART OF THE FAMILY and she will never run away again. She is still WARY of men and still has issues about all sorts of things, BUT she will never run away again!

She is now MUCH older. We have taken her for HD (hip dysplasia) x-rays and she is really BAD!! She costs us a good few hundred Rand a month for pain relief, as she was BRED with a crooked spine and BAD Hips!!!

This poor girl has NEVER known what it is like to NOT have pain!!! And for this fact I HATE the people who bred her!!!! OMG … is there no checking on birth defects?????!!!!???

I love looking after a wolf/cross, as they are a challenge, and keep you on your toes, BUT …

I THINK THAT ALL WD BREEDERS SHOULD BE SHOT as they are just breeding more and more PAIN and problems and there are NOT enough people to have the time to try and rehabilitate these animals.

The unrestricted breeding of ALL CROSS BREED animals is sinful. The breeders make some money, BUT … many dogs get PTS as their owners cannot cope and other people like ME end up spending HUGE amounts of money monthly, that we cannot really afford, to give these kids a chance to live their lives as BEST we can make it for them!


SORRY CHARNELL, I am getting it all off my chest!!!!

The last wolfdog I had was so much better than K! …. K is a disaster in breeding! We make life as good for her as we can, but … she has so many head issues that are unexplainable, it is scary! She accepts us all, but there are times she gives us “WILD HORSE EYES” for reasons we cannot understand. She is like having a MAD DOG ON STEROIDS!

Yes … her “birth docs” do NOT tie up to her… She was born with a spinal curvature, and this exacerbates her hip dysplasia, This poor girl is in pain!!!

So? Should we just breed PRETTY dogs, that we carry about for 6 months, and then pass them on,


should we try to get BREED Specific clubs to police breeding, OR is this the job of the government???

I have no answer … but I DO think there has to be some type of “police-tank” on breeding!

White South Africans might want the best GUARD dog they can buy … BUT … a WOLF HYBRID will never be the answer!

Kayla will never be normal. She will ALWAYS need special attention, a special family, and costly care from a young age to her passing.



Written by Kathy Sumner

In my opinion, anyone who breeds wolf dogs are irresponsible…. Just saying…. Charnell R

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