Some of Our Success Stories


Has been Adopted
Gender: Male

Shadow's Story:

Shadow was rescued from the streets of Springfield with a snare around his back leg. It was clear that he had been a stray for some time as he was in a poor condition. The damage from the snare was extensive and deep, leaving a significant amount of bone exposed.

Shadow’s rehabilitation was going to require more than a quick fix and a couple of dressings. His rescuer came to the realisation that this was going to be a lengthy and expensive journey for Shadow and as a result Shadow found himself in the care of Husky Rescue KZN. And so began our very long journey with a frustrated and aggressive Alaskan Malamute.

Twice weekly visits to the vet for dressing changes under sedation resulted in the bills adding up rather quickly. At one point it looked as if Shadow’s wound was not making progress and the possibility of amputating became a consideration.

We decided to persevere however, and at the same time our wish for all our huskies, also came true for Shadow as he found his forever home in spite of his serious injury. After 4 months of bi-weekly dressings with the vets, Shadow was finally able to tolerate dressing changes without sedation. And so we continued his wound care at home. One day he decided enough was enough and pulled his dressing off repeatedly until we decided to leave it. At this point 70% of the wound had healed well.

Finally, a wonderful early Christmas present was given to Shadow and his family when his wound had completely healed! Shadow has transformed into a beautiful boy with a loving and very playful nature and is now in a home with not just one but two sexy husky gals to keep him company.