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Gender: Male

Anouk's Story:

It’s anyone’s guess what happened to Anouk but after a few moments of thought I think we can accurately assume he had been abandoned by his previous owners. Anouk’s fate was about to change though when someone became aware of his presence sent out a call for help which landed up on Face book and galvanized concerned citizens into a rescue mission.

Anouk was a stray, a very thin and emaciated stray, who would hang around a specific home that had been empty for a while. The new owners moved in and eventually became aware of his constant presence. They made the call that resulted in Anouk’s rescue. Celeste Manfron from Animal Angels in Durban drove out to Phoenix to pick Anouk up and take him through to the vet for a checkup and neuter.

A few short days later he found himself on his way to Husky Rescue KZN in Cato Ridge because we were all fairly certain that he was a wolf dog. As much as I had seen his first photo that was posted on Face book it was still quite a shock to see how thin this poor boy was in reality. He was slowly introduced into the smaller of the two packs at husky rescue and to the pleasant relief of all present the integration went well.

The days that followed consisted of getting Anouk settled into the daily routine at Husky Rescue and feeding him three times a day to build him up and get him back to his ideal weight. The vet estimated that Anouk was in fact still a pup of about 12 to 14 months of age. Anouk settled in well and the change in him in just two short weeks was remarkable. The photos speak for themselves.

Anouk joined us just before Christmas in 2014 and he did not have to wait long for his ‘fureva’ home. Anouk was adopted by Nivedna and Shellan Mothilal and he has settled in beautifully with his new family and friend – Guenhywvar – and it was at this point that we realized Anouk was not a wolf dog but in fact a Swiss Shepherd.

A message from Nivedna, his new mom, posted on our Husky Rescue KZN Face book page 26 March 2015... “Dear Charnell Ruth and the entire team at Husky Rescue KZN thank you very much for giving us a new addition to our family. Anouk is the happiest little fellow around, we love him dearly, he is the perfect companion to his big sister Guenhywvar (who was initially his boss) but loves him to bits now. You guys are doing such a selfless act, we really respect and appreciate that, we promise that no matter what happens in life – Anouk will always be well kept, well treated and be just as important as Guenhywvar. Once again thank you so much for all that you are doing and for our precious ball of fur.”