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Kayla's Story:

Rescued May 2014 – Adopted Jun 2014

My journey with Kayla, Charnell and HRKZN.

My cousin suggested I “like” the HRKZN facebook page. I did... Not long after that 3 adults and 3 puppies were surrendered to HRKZN. I happened to see the post and mentioned I would be interested in adopting a puppy. All my life I have wanted a Husky, preferably brown with blue eyes. For no other reason than that they are beautiful.

I got a reply saying I must email Charnell, and a home check would be done with follow up visits, etc. I sent the email and waited, but in the mean time started googling everything I could about Siberian Huskies. Oh my word, was I in for a surprise. Since leaving home I have had, and always will have German Shepherds, a breed wanting to please, wanting to be your shadow, wanting to get trained. Oh my, were my eyes opened about Huskies. I came across an article on training Sibes. I read that one has the first 12 weeks to form the foundation of the dog you wish to have. Huskies can be trained – give them a reason. They don’t come when called!! They run gates and everything “bad” known to those who own huskies.

Oh I didn’t mention Charnell contacted me, I filled in the application forms, read the extensive info that was sent.... and then a home check was arranged. I was really nervous because Charnell hadn’t said anything that indicated I had passed for the adoption. I have an electric fence around my house and that apparently is child’s play for a husky to break through if they pick up a scent, or see something they want on the other side. So I had almost accepted that the adoption was a no-deal. Charnell made the long trek up to Nottingham Road on the Saturday before father’s day. Needless to say, what should probably have been an hour long visit, turned into an afternoon with cups of tea and plates of biscuits and cake, and so much to talk about.

Then Charnell said “when I bring her to you” ...... I had to stop her and ask “sorry, are you going to let me adopt her?” Then the day arrived when my chocolate, blue eyed girl was finally coming home. Obviously it was love at first sight for me. Charnell was crying because Kayla had become such a part of her and her folks’ life, and is such a special little soul. Charnell was in a happy/sad place at that moment.

And so my journey with my adopted child began.

I started “Sit” and “down” training. These were relatively easy. I then went one step further and started on the “retrieve” command. You see, my boss was kind enough to let me take her with to work for the first 3 months, until she could hold her own with my 3 big dogs. In the quiet times I taught her to “fetch”.... Yes she fetches – and loves it! Although I do think it’s the tug-o-war when she brings the article back that she loves more than the fetching, but that’s ok, I’m always game. The fact that she happily fetches is the biggest plus.
Kayla automatically formed the most phenomenal relationship with my big Shepherd – 54kgs big, the moment she met him. Let me tell you it has been my saving grace – when she set off through the gate like a scalded cat running like a bat out of hell to who knows where!!!! I send Brutus.... I just say “go fetch” he catches up to her quite quickly, then I recall him and she follows. A friendship that really saves a lot of stress on my part.

So yes, the husky trait is alive and well as far as running the gate, oh, and digging. In the garden, in the water bowl in the kitchen – so it looks like a pond on the kitchen floor when she is done. Fortunately for me, about 2 weeks after she arrived she decided to take on the electric fence. She was hit really hard, and being Sibe she felt the need to check the other 3 sides, just in case there was a way out. Eina! is all I can say. Because of this she will NOT go through fences now. This property is very well fenced and I have watched her when she is on her sprint to nowhere – fences are no longer an option to go through....

It’s nearly a year since the little families arrived at HRKZN, and coming up to a year that Kayla has been part of my life and family. It has been the most amazing journey; I love her independence (sort of), her different way of showing affection. She isn’t a cuddle bunny but will come and put her head on my arm or lap while I’m watching TV. She has decided to sleep on the bed with me at night, right against me, her way of showing affection... I love the way she sulks when reprimanded. I will call her or try to pat her but she walks away and looks at me over her shoulder as if to say “Why? I’m busy now” and trots off in the opposite direction.

Yip, thats Husky....

Charnell, it has been a privilege getting to know you. The tireless work you do saving and rescuing these unique, misunderstood dogs, is amazing.

People, do your homework before taking on a Siberian Husky. Yes they are beautiful, but they run; they shed; they have selective hearing; they need loads of exercise. They are working dogs, and if they are not stimulated, they will look for stimulation in places you probably don’t want them to.

My Kayla brought light into my very dark life. She is entertaining; chatty; beautiful and adored.

Thank You HRKZN. Thank you Charnell.

Tracy Roberts