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Has been Adopted
Gender: Male

Blaze's Story:

To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome – that is our mission. Rehabilitate, however, doesn’t always mean taking dogs like Enya and Shadow that have serious illnesses and injuries and making them better, it’s also about dogs like Blaze, that have behaviour problems.

Dogs with behaviour problems can be divided into two groups, problems that can be ‘cured’ through training and behaviour modification and problems that can only be managed in the correct environment. This beautiful pure bred 2 year old male husky “blazed” into my life with a serious attitude. One that he showed within minutes of meeting me when he sank his teeth into my arm. Needless to say, this took me by surprise as this is not typical husky behaviour.

After consulting with a colleague in the world of dog psychology we diagnosed Blaze with a condition called control aggression. He also exhibited signs of a dog that was never trained or properly socialised and was more than likely chained up. After spending some time with my colleagues at the Boavida Training Centre he came back to me and I continued with a very slow but sure rehabilitation process. Blaze calmed down tremendously and made good progress. But he would need a very special home with people who could understand a dog like Blaze in order for both him and his family to be happy with each other.

Just when I thought I was not going to find that special home, in walked Peter and Colleen. There was an instant ‘chemistry’ between them and Blaze. And so we planned his rehoming. Blaze was successfully integrated with Peter and Colleen’s current pack and he is now living very happily with two rotties, two wolfdogs, two German shepherds, a husky and three small breed dogs.