What is Bikejoring?

Involving people, working dogs and mountain bikes this sport developed in countries where snowfall was not heavy enough for dog sledding.

Now we know that dog sledding is usually done with a team of 4 or more dogs on a gang line pulling the sled through snow. People who did not have a team of dogs – maybe only one or two Huskies then looked at options to keep fit without the sled and so started Skijoring which is ideally done with one or two huskies at most, snow skies and of course snow!

However, we all know that Huskies are not only found in countries that get lots of snow, so what alternative could be found to keep these dogs and their humans fit? And so Bikejoring evolved.

Bikejoring is mountain biking with one or two huskies on a gang line running ahead of your bike.

In South Africa, Bikejoring is a winter sport, as the summer temperatures are too high to run dogs.

The general rule is a long run of between 5 to 10 kms in temps below 10 degrees or runs of less than 5kms in temps between 10 and 15 degrees. It is done on dirt roads that are relatively soft and smooth – not filled with stones.

It is important to take note of these rules as with their double coat they will overheat very quickly in higher temperatures and will die as it is considered a canine medical emergency. Running on paved or tarred roads can increase the risk of injuries to the dogs’ paws.

Bikejoring is an amazing sport though, done early morning just after sunrise and be warned – once the bug has bitten it won’t let go!

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