School Community Days

Doggy Spa Day!

This is what these days are for all the Huskies in our care and provides schools with a facility for the practical aspect of their Community Service programmes. 

Community Service is an important part of education as it provides pupils and students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting and positive impact on society overall. Taking part in community service days enables students and pupils to acquire life skills and knowledge as well as provide a service to those who need it most. It teaches compassion and understanding and helps develop an increased sense of social responsibility – a heart for “giving back”.

We have developed a good relationship with Westville Boys High who come to spend 3 days with us each year as part of their community service programme, and there are different ways which schools can get involved – we would love to have more schools and individuals join in.

  • School Talks – we are able to come to your school and give a talk on the struggles faced by Huskies and how individuals and school groups can get involved
  • Community Service days – we can facilitate days where individuals and groups of pupils come to the centre and work with the dogs and do jobs on the property as part of the school’s programme – which we then sign off for them
  • School donations – schools can get involved through donations – collection of food/blankets/toys are always welcome

So for more information please contact Charnell on +27 78 040 8282 or use our contact form