Adoption Form

Every Husky deserves to live in a loving and stress free home, with good access to shelter, food and water. therefore this Adoption Form is long as we gather all the information required to make a judgement call on your suitability. Huskies in good homes is more important to us then anything. These Huskies have had a tough life so far and we want to ensure they have a great life from here onward.

Adoption Application Form

Terms & Conditions

  • The adoption fee is R1200 per Husky or R800 each if you are adopting two.
  • I understand that full payment is due when the dog arrives at my house.
  • I understand that the adoption process includes a completed online application and a home inspection.
  • I understand that having a home inspection done is not a guarantee of a successful adoption application. HR reserves the right to fail the home inspection.
  • I understand that I need a spacious yard with garden (not only concrete);  a separate front and back yard is favoured because huskies like to run the gate; and a minimum height of 1.8 meters for fence / walls as huskies are born with springs instead of hind legs.
  • Dog fighting syndicates in KZN have sprung up in multiple areas in and around Durban. As a result dog theft is rife and more prevalent in some areas than others. Huskies are favoured as bait dogs. HR reserves the right NOT to home a husky to a high risk area, even if the home check might pass in all other aspects.
  • Husky Rescue will cover the cost of a round trip of 150kms from its base which is Cato Ridge. Any distance travelled further than that to do a home inspection and a re-homing will be billed to the applicant at the AA rate per km of R3.50
  • I have read up on the needs of the breed (read this article – So You Want a Husky?) and understand what the breed requires and will undertake to do whatever is necessary to provide for a happy and healthy husky.
  • I understand that my husky must be provided with adequate food & water and shelter always.
  • As a new owner of a husky, I understand that I will be responsible for making sure that my husky gets the mental & physical stimulation it needs and gets medical attention when required within at least 6 hours.
  • I understand that huskies are very social dogs and love to be part of a pack – I need to let my husky be a part of my family with indoor access, lots of playtime and on-leash walks.
  • I understand that if I’m at work for long hours every day a single husky will be lonely and might exhibit destructive behaviour.
  • I also understand the financial commitment involved in adopting a husky which includes:
    – Annual vaccinations are around R350 depending on your vet
    – De-worming every 3 months at around R100,
    – Good quality food @ R400 per month,
    – Tick & flea prevention R120 per month,
    – A kennel, doggie beds / blankets, treats etc.
  • I understand that a commitment in adopting one of these dogs could be for the next 5 to 15 years depending on the age of the husky I adopt.
  • I hereby confirm that I will answer all questions below truthfully and accurately.

Unfortunately by not accepting the conditions we cannot consider an application from you. We are determined to ensure the best possible forever homes for our rescues and trust you accept that these conditions are in their best interests.

You can fill the Adoption/Foster form in online or download a hard copy here. ADOPTION/FOSTERING APPLICATION FORM

Maximum file size: 3MB

If you prefer you can download the PDF form and fill it in, scan it and upload it here.

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