Rainbow Bridge Memorial


01/08/2007 – 02/09/2018

Slayer’s Story:

There are many dogs that you love and then there are soulmates. I said goodbye to one of my soulmates on Sunday. I’d like to pay tribute to an amazing dog.

Slaya came to us shortly after my first husky soulmate passed away, and I always felt in my heart that part of Reuben had come back to me in Slaya. Slaya was regal as much as he was playful. And a chatterbox of note. He was initially put into our runs when he arrived and was also the first dog to break out with the express mission to move into the house – which he did. He broke new ground with me when we established the first official Sled-dog club for KZN.

He took us to Colesburg in 2011 where KZN was represented for the first time as a club in a national sled dog event. He led the first four dog carting team from KZN with style. We never taught Slaya any of the normal sledding commands. He just listened to us. Slaya pull over – and he pulled over. Slaya wait – and he waited while my mom jumped off the cart to do what she needed to do. Slaya off you go – and off he went leading his team. It was a big year for us. He took us to Fouriesberg, the next year’s sleddog National and led a 6 dog team in style again. He was our pack leader, our peacemaker, he supervised all the introductions when a newbie was integrated into a 50 odd dog pack. He charmed our visitors and he was a real water baby too.

Slaya my boy, we used to moan at you when you started talking because we weren’t preparing your breakfast fast enough – I would give anything to hear your voice again. You have left a gigantic hole my boy. Fly high – you earned your Silver wings and Golden Harness. You are by Callie’s side now – our two leaders – our mentors. We miss you today and always.

I forgot to mention that as I climbed into my car to go home after we had sent Slaya quietly on his way John Legend’s song began to play:

Here we are, under the stars
Here we are, under the stars
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Under the stars…

And I knew Slaya was close by still. ???

"“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” – Anatole France"