So this actually means not everyone is eligible to adopt a dog anymore especially a husky?

This post is for education and awareness please.

The following comment was in response to a husky adoption query:

So this actually means not everyone is eligible to adopt a dog anymore especially a husky???? Why do the terms and conditions have to be so high maintenance not all of us earn such  an amount to mitigate all the conditions but there’s one thing that most have the LOVE for a dog and we would actually love and be happy to adopt one

My response:

Love for any animal, but as in this case a dog, is of utmost importance. They need to be loved and respected and treated as members of the family.

However, it takes more than just love to keep a husky happy and more especially safe. Our conditions are strict because this is a unique dog with very specific requirements. Anybody who has done breed research will understand this. They are strong willed, they jump, they run, they dig and they squeeze through things. They don’t come back when called. They open doors and they can reason in a way few other breeds are capable of. For them the grass is always greener on the other side and adventure beats sensibility every time. Oh – did I mention they don’t do well as outside only dogs! They are pack orientated and want to be with their pack – that is you their family – as often as possible!

Why do you think we have so many huskies in the rescue center, let alone the fact that there are 5 rescue centers around SA dedicated to the breed. People want them because they are stunning, and they look like wolves with blue eyes but they do not understand the breed. A few months down the line the dog is on the street, or on a chain or if they lucky they land up in a shelter because the owners cannot handle the the husky anymore! Because they never made a point of getting to know the breed to begin with.

We are strict because we don’t want the dog to end up in the welfare system again. I have lost count of the number of huskies I have rescued under the age of three that have already been in several homes. Archey came to me as a 1 year old boy and I was his third home! Yes three homes in 12 months because of being misunderstood.

We are constantly in need of good homes yes, but as in the case of the husky, we need a good home with good understanding and a huge commitment to meet their needs, otherwise failure is guaranteed.

Your understanding of the above facts are appreciated. If you think you can offer a husky a good home, please complete the adoption application form and I will personally come and do your home check.


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